Sacred Wisdom - Reclaiming Your "Real"

  • Do you long for a deeper connection with your sacred (real) self?
  • Do you want to trust yourself more?
  • Are you more sensitive than others and often overwhelmed by life's challenges?
  • Do you feel fear more than joy?
  • Do you feel stuck?

You're NOT alone!

       We all experience unique feelings. 

              We don't always know why.

The knowing comes when

  • We grow in sacred self-awareness, and
  • We start honoring that part of ourselves that is often ignored--soul.

Jean's unique approach merges quantum physics with her personal experiences in the inner planes.

Give yourself a sacred gift.  Working with Jean gently deepens your self-awareness by guiding you to your own soul's wisdom.

You may reach Jean at or   


for more information about a session or to place an order for a sculpture.  Special orders are accepted.

Disclaimer:  Any information given on this website is  meant for informational use only.  Jean Skyfeather does not claim or guarantee specific results. 

IMG 2828

Snowy Owl with Chicks sculpted by Jean

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