Golden Wisdom Reflections

Embracing Your Goodness – Your Sacred Self

By Jean Gumas Skfyeather


For some, inner recognition comes gently—moment by moment, day by day, year by year.  For others, spiritual awakening happens in an instant.  Although I've been practicing spiritual exercises for more than 35 years, and have deepened my awareness of Spirit for more than 30 years I had never experienced a convincing sense of Spirit's presence.

On August 15, 2011, this changed.  I experienced an instant awakening.  The feeling lasted for 6 days, filling me with awe and wonder.  For 6 days I floated and felt a deep peace.  And during this time, I knew for certain the fullness of my goodness.  I felt whole!

My awakening happened during a conversation I was having with a friend.  I heard myself defending who I thought myself to be.  “I don’t trust.  I never feel safe.  I have to be careful about my choices.  I can’t do THAT, because….!”  As I heard myself speaking, my inner voice came through loud and clear, saying “that’s not who you are anymore….be still and know your truth now.” 

It felt as if a veil was lifted from my egoic perceptions and I was shown my essence.  I felt awe and a gentle loving space filled my awareness.  I hung up the phone and sat in silence, as guided.  And the awe and gentle loving space expanded.  Elements of that 6-day period remain today and motivate me to keep deepening my awareness of my goodness and deep connection with Spirit.


It is time.

You’re invited to “be still and know your sacred self”. 


Find tools that help you to embrace your own goodness and truths. 


And the key truths apply to each and every one of us: 

·      we are born in innocence and goodness

·      we deserve to be and have joy in our lives

·      we are a part of each other

·      we are creative and unique. 

As we begin to recognize and embody these truths, a sense of luminosity starts to fill our energy fields.  We feel lighter, happier,  and more free to be our own unique expressions.  

 In turn, we create peace in ourselves and our world. 

It is time.  

“We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  
(original author unknown)

© Jean Skyfeather 2013-2018