Circle Keeping

Circle is a storytelling and deep listening process.  It is based on indigenous practices whereby a space is created and held for each participant to share personal stories, wisdom, and inspiration with others.

Sourcing from New Zealand and Canadian tribal practice, the circle types used in Colorado include:  restorative justice circles, community group conferencing circles, sentencing circles, peace and wisdom circles.  The circle process has been used in classrooms, boardrooms, corporations, families, and neighborhoods with the intent of building communities.

An intent of a peace circle is to bring participants together in community to build deeper understandings about our common humanity.

An intent of a wisdom circle is to invite participants to explore spiritual mysteries and ancient wisdom.  

An intent of inspiration circles is to bring participants to a expanded energy where inspiration creates outcome.

True circles, no matter the intent, are guided by trained circle keepers.  It is the keeper's task to create a safe space where deep listening is the goal.

After several years of circle keeping, master circle keepers become adept at connecting with their own inner wisdom, bringing an emotional balance, fine-tuned listening, having knowledge of people and group dynamics, and are able to detach from any pre-conceived roles as counselors, teachers, therapists, or healers.  Master circle keepers combine all of these skills with an ability to "go with the flow" and are comfortable with the spontaneity and unknowns of the process.

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