Soul Clearings

Multidimensional Body Balancing

Soul clearings & multidimensional body balancing help to release and reset energy patterns in one’s field.

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Soul holds a high vibration of consciousness which keeps it connected to the larger universe.  When it enters the physical realm, it shields itself with an auric field.  

As Soul experiences life in the physical, its auric field accumulates energy patterns which either help or hinder a person's rhythms and ability to feel love and harmony.  


Inner World

Our Souls are protected by a physical body (1% visible) and several other
bodies (99% invisible auric field).  These, along with energy centers
(chakras) make up our "inner world.


These are energy centers that connect into each body's endocrine system.  
These centers, along with each body, create the auric field.

Auric Field

In order to protect its high vibrations, Soul takes on several invisible 
bodies to create an auric field.  The auric field includes the Supra Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric, and Soul bodies.

Supra Physical Body

This body is most like the physical, having the most direct connection 
to all physical systems and functions

Astral Body

This body holds the Soul's emotional vibrations.

Causal Body

This body holds the Soul's past-life memories, found in the Akasic records.

Mental Body

This body holds the Soul's mind patters and creative ideas.

Etheric Body

This body holds the Soul's connection to Divine energy.


This body is the purist form of Soul, as Divine expression of energy.

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